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+5hp - Ad Horsepower


No, this isn't a role playing video game. We're not talking about "hit points" here. Nor does it represent a crappy computer manufacturer. HP stands for HORSEPOWER baby, and adding this decal to your ride is guaranteed to increase yours by at least 5. That's five. As in gimme five, a high five, five and jive, let's have a fivesome, and our personal favorite .. five finger discount.

Now quit messing around and put this decal on your car or perhaps your lawnmower. Because you never know when you'll need that extra hand full of mystical HP.

**DISCLAIMER: Chomp decals does not guarantee that adding this decal to anything will actually increase it's horsepower. Nor do we condone or encourage obtaining things by way of "five finger discount". Especially not decals.

Every Chomp Decal is:
  • Six year high quality outdoor vinyl.
  • Precision die-cut decal, not a cheap sticker.
  • Waterproof, self-adhesive, and removable.
  • No ink, will not fade or run when wet.
  • Can be applied to almost any smooth surface.

Black Red
Matte Black Dark Red
Dark Grey Hot Pink
Grey Soft Pink
Chrome Soft Purple
Metallic Silver Purple
Metallic Gold Dark Blue
Brown Blue
Light Brown Ice Blue
Golden Yellow Mint
Yellow Turquoise Blue
Bright Yellow Green
Orange Lime Green

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