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Decal Info

First, what is a decal?

A decal is a type of sticker that is cut from a solid sheet of vinyl and does not have a background. Typically they come in a single color. They are NOT ink printed so they will not run when wet. They have a self-adhesive backing that can be applied to any clean, smooth surface.

We use a high quality 2.5mil vinyl rated for an outdoor use of 6 years. If used indoors it will last a lifetime.

What is a chomp decal?



Our sizing is based on the longest side of the decal whether it be width or height. For instance, a decal with the dimensions of 4" wide x 6" high would be considered a 6" decal. A decal with the opposite dimensions of 6" wide x 4" high would also be considered a 6" decal.

Chomp decal sizing

Most decal designs are rectangular in nature so it is easy to determine which is the longer side. If the design is more of a square shape and you aren't sure which side is longer, you can always measure the image diectly on your screen, as all design images are to scale.

If you need to know exact measurements of a design please use the contact us page or email us directly at service@chompdecals.com.


Reverse Image

This simply means to flip or mirror the image. This is commonly used for placing a decal on the inside of a window instead of on the outside.

Chomp decal reverse


Color Chart

White Light Brown Soft Purple
Black Golden Yellow Purple
Matte Black Yellow Dark Blue
Dark Grey Bright Yellow Blue
Grey Orange Ice Blue
Chrome Red Mint
Metallic Silver Dark Red Turquoise Blue
Metallic Gold Hot Pink Green
Brown Soft Pink Lime Green

** WARNING: Colors may vary based on your monitor / display. **

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